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11-20-2003, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I don't think a kid line would work because their bound to make mistakes and sather would never put them out there.

As for Lundmark more complete at 22 and Messier at 22 i dont think that is fair.

Too different time periods and two very different leagues. The reason Messier was successfull at 22 had a lot to do with sather throwing him out there because when he first came up he was about as raw as they come. Believe me, he made a lot of mistakes as a youngster too. Plus to want Lundmark to reach the level Messier did is a bit unfair. Messier is the alltime number 2 NHL scorer, i think that bar is a little too high on that one.

If Drury and Milan were rookies with the rangers, they wouldn't have been. by that i mean they never would have been NHL rookies because they never would have played really. Drury would be too small in the rangers eyes and they'd still be trying to teach Milan to become a two way player.

And yes Messier wasn't exactly young his first time around, but he was also scoring between 80 -100 points. And despite the curl, he was a ******* when he had to be.

But i dont think you can blast a kid for making mistakes of inexperience. What doesnt help is getting into kids heads so that they think every mistake is going to get them benched. That's never been an overly successful way of developing a player.
I'm not comparing the individual's talent levels or game just their ability to finish a check at the age of 22. I think all young players need to know that even though they are there for their scoring or skill level, they still have to play the game which includes hitting people.

But with the Ranger coaches lately, the "peeling away from a hit" is acceptable to them which just leads to bad habits for these young players down the road.

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