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04-15-2012, 11:24 PM
Go Bolts
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I'd consider myself a casual Pens fan I guess. Have family from Pittsburgh, gone to a few games including game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals a few years back, and root for them when they don't play the Isles or Bolts.

That being said:

The Asham crosscheck was not nearly as vicious as the idiot announcers, and that moron Mike Milbury made it seem. It was a crosscheck to the chest, and the stick when up and hit him in the chin. It was not some NASTY CROSSCHECK RIGHT TO THE THROAT. They need to relax.

The Neal hit on Cout was also not as bad as everyone wants to make it. I said this in the other thread and was getting flamed non-stop as a troll. But I truly believe if anything, it was a 2 minute penalty for interference. Did his feet come up a little, yes. Did he hit his head or intent to injure the guy? Hell no. He put a solid shoulder check into him, and his head went back from the force. It wasn't a hit to the head. It was just a hit away from the puck, those things happen.

The last Neal hit on Girioux was Neal playing intense and going to level him, and he tried to duck out of the freaking way! He ducked, and that's how he ended up getting tapped in the head.

Adams and Hartnell fight was also not as big of a deal as the announcers, commentator idiots like Milbury and that assclown Pierre, made it seem. He clearly grabbed Hartnells pads. Maybe he got some of those girly locks in there, but that wasn't his intention nor what he wanted to do. Pierre is such a ******, OH I SAW IT, HE PULLED HIS HAIR THAT'S WHY THE REFS STEPPED IN.

I really hope suspensions aren't handed out, it would be just more severe overreaction by the anti-hitting and anti-fighting Shanahan. He wants this to be figure skating, so I won't be surprised if he suspends Neal and Asham because he's an *******.

The Flyers fans are delusional, and so are the commentators for these games (at least for the feed I got).

Milbury sucks.
Pierre is a toolbag.
I hate the Flyers.
Lets go Pens! Time for the comeback!

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