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11-20-2003, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by jiggs 10
This sums it up rather nicely.

I have season tix to North Dakota hockey. Parise is a BIG reason Bochenski got 35 goals last year, and is leading in scoring this year. But not the ONLY reason. Bochenski had a decent freshman season (before Parise), but they play very well together, so it's only natural to keep them together.
I think Bochenski will get noticed more and more as the season progresses, and could be a good 2nd or 3rd line goal scorer for some team in a few years.
I obviously haven't seen them, but I would expect that Parise and Murray (two small guys) benefit from Bochenski in ways that can't be calculated. Bochenski being big and reasonably strong (although no power forward) probably gives them space to maneouvre. I saw this last year with Corey Locke, Matt Foy and Scott Sheppard. Many believe Foy mooched off Locke, who is an amazingly talented player. Yet while Locke misses Foy's skills, he also misses having that big, physically intimidating player on his line, because now he can draw the bigger, more physical defenceman from opposing teams. It might not be the case, but just something that I would look for.

As for Mac's idea that Bochenski is leaching, most people don't realize how good Bochenski is, because he was drafted so late. He's outscoring Parise by quite a lot this year, although that will change, but as VD mentioned, Bochenski has always had great skills. There has never been any question about his ability to score, but rather his legal issues made him drop. He seems to have matured, and is now the top candidate for the Hobey Baker at this very early stage of the season. I don't think anybody's calling Parise a leach Mac, but none of the people who are watching the games are saying that Bochenski is leaching either, and the numbers back that up. There can be two great players on a line that complement each other (see Naslund and Bertuzzi), without one automatically being a leach.

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