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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
It is rare that you can get every negative analysis/word of caution you've made over three seasons confirmed in three games, but I find myself mentally checking all boxes here. There's nothing new in any of the things killing us, we're just seeing every weakness we have exploited simultaneously. A perfect storm.

We can ditch various players for good or bad reasons, and like everyone else I have some I'd rather see the back of. But it all starts with the coach, because there is simply no way our roster - focusing here on the D primarily - is this bad player by player. While clearly we have brought in players who were not ideal fits considering the qualities we were short on, the pairings we have usually been running have made it even worse. Further, there is no way our defenders individually should look like dilettantes, and whether we want to talk about 'system', neutral zone coverage, defending against the rush or making defensive adjustments to opponents absolutely shredding our weaknesses come play off time, this is certainly something falling under the purview of our most honorable DHCB.

We're getting destroyed in a series where we've had the lead in every game, in both the first ones even multi-goal leads, and where we've scored 4 goals per game. It is inconceivable - even if Saint Fleury has again been putting forth his most demoralisingly decrepit version of himself when the opposite was most needed (seriously, what could we have needed less at 1-0 up and on the PP in Philly than Fleury taking a soft wayward shot and literally throwing it into his own net... I twisted my ankle kicking the couch after that and just knew it would totally deflate the team. The rest of the period they had nothing... and we've seen this kind of horror goals too often).

Anyway, Dan Bylsma to me needs no more opportunities to prove that he is a playoff liability. He might be a great HR manager, putting in place structures people like to work in etc. But being a manager of people, I also know that there's a major difference between managing business as usual operations and motivating/coaching people to perform during crisis and peak pressure, not to mention making tough decisions when key staff **** up or underperform. Bylsma is still sort of green as an NHL coach; maybe he will add what he doesn't already have.... I just hope we aren't going to gamble on him growing up for us to make good on our talent.
Preach it brotha. There've been at least a few of us beating the drum on Bylsma since Montreal. It's not that it was a fair sample size but if you analyze closely this just isn't the way to go and it's been apparent in some ways since the drop of the puck in 09-10. People were swept up in his grinding mentality and his ability to keep afloat in the standings with guys hurt. That's great, and I'm not being sarcastic there, but we need to win in the postseason. I'm not saying Cups every year or anything ridiculous like that, but we have not been a relevant Cup contender since we actually won the thing. He's got a ton of empty spaces in his coaching tool box and if you can get past the one cool-sounding clip from 24/7 you'd have known this for a long time.

The defense lacks muscle and Martin is overrated. Another thing that's been recited ad nauseum, yet at least half 'Pens Nation' don't see it until it's right in front of their face.

I'll add a new one. To all the people that were short-sighted after game 1 saying things like "Oh great the sky is falling" or "Calm down you guys, it's one game": This, this situation we're in right now, is why many of us were deeply concerned after that game. Want to know something crazy, something utterly insane? If the Penguins would've just played a little defense in the third period of game 1, as horrible as they have been almost this entire series, this series would only be 2-1 Flyers. I'll go out on a limb and say we can all agree that would be an enormous difference. Sure, we don't have it this year anyways, but being down 2-1 at least gives you a fighting chance and buys time for you to try and improve a thing or two. The way this went down is just a joke, but I'm glad many of you kept your cool after that first game.

As far as players, I have no problem revamping to some extent. I just think it's impossible to predict what's going to be out there. Obviously shedding Martin should be priority #1, but as stated by others above it will be no small task. I have no problem making a run at Shea Weber and adding another big salary. We'll have young guys on ELCs and a player like that would be exactly what we need.

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