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04-16-2012, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Ranger fan coming here in peace(well sort of). Looks like we got some good old fashioned hate going on now between the teams and the fan bases. Was too much of a love fest anyways for my taste at beginning of series but now...that's over and done with. I'm sure you guys will agree this is the way it should be...hate, disgust,foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of our teams...etc. Interesting take from you guys that we "awoke the sleeping giant" when it is us thinking same exact thing. Going to be a great game tonight. Probably a few fights at the beginning to set the tone and than it will be all about the hockey. Wouldn't suprise me if your boys won tonight but it shouldn't suprise y'all either if we did. IMO,I think we come back to MSG tied up at 2. Anyways, despite my newly found hatred for your hockey team, I have to admit I respect quite a few of the players and I do like your coach quite a bit. We'll see how it shakes out tonight boys...let's get it on!
Honestly. when this series is over, I can go back to liking the Rangers. Lundqvist is awesome.

Boyle is not enough to hate a team and Hagelin apologized. They are good in my books just after this series.

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