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Originally Posted by onice View Post
That's so wrong that I don't know where to start. But it had to be pointed out. If you truly think that, it speaks highly of, well... you know...

Originally Posted by Sargent Pepper View Post
He had no say in player movement, trades and talent evaluation in Montreal where he does in TB according to the team website. That is a big upgrade in roles for an assistant GM, if you ask me.
Exactly. But people will put twists to downplay BriseBois if they don't like him as a candidate.

Originally Posted by earthlingsDOTcom View Post
Let's wait until the playoffs are over, before we start praising the Flyers mold.
I think that he was referring to the fact that the Habs don't need to rebuild like some teams, but take advantage of a bad season (injuries and production) to retool, draft well and get back in contention right away.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Just a warning for anyone else. HabitualWinner's story is being labeled legit and his source has been confirmed. I'm not saying you can't doubt the story, that's your right, but calling him a liar outright will be considered flaming.
In all due respect, unless he's Serge Savard or Geoff Molson, the only two people involved in the selection and interviews for a new GM, he doesn't know more than you, me or any other member here when it comes to the hiring of the new GM, BriseBois included.

There's a reason why BriseBois has worked for this team for almost 10 years. Had he done a bad job, he wouldn't have stuck around and certainly wouldn't have received the promotions he got. The fact remains that the Habs were slowly grooming him and he left because Yzerman came knocking, not because he was fired or anything.

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