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04-16-2012, 08:33 AM
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I shaved what I had of a playoff beard this morning. Sunday's game was so disheartening, and for more reasons than just seeing my team get annihiliated by their arch-rivals.

The blatant disrespect for player safety by Neal and Asham is pretty upsetting. I wouldn't have minded Asham's crosscheck so much if he didn't finish it with a cheapshot to the back of the head. I probably could have convinced myself that Neal maybe didn't see Cotourier and couldn't move out of his path or something... until he hit Giroux in the back of the head at decent speed, making Giroux fall to the ice and see stars (if you think that was just "acting", you are amazingly ignorant).

It's complete ******** and utterly disgusting. This isn't a team that deserves to win the cup at all.

All that aside, Philly has simply outplayed Pittsburgh to every degree so far in this series. The Flyers have shown that they can play a disciplined game of hockey to come back from a 3 goal defecit, the Penguins have shown that they are everything but disciplined.

So, that's me getting it all out, bra. I expect Asham to see a 1 game suspension, Neal should get 2-3, but then again it's Shanahan, so they'll probably both get fines and call it a day.

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