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04-16-2012, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
lol, what? With KHL everything is like, 10 times better than it was before. I mean everything. What better can they do for Russian hockey other than trying to make it number 1 sport in country, which it never was. No help in improving the Russian development system? Are you out of your mind? There are 20 teams in KHL, next season there will be about 25 russian teams in VHL, and about 50 in MHL. Then you have KHL TV with about 10 million subscribers and unprecedented rise of popularity of hockey in media.

You better stick to what you know best, english hockey, or whatever.

This post reminded me how much I hate nhl... Like, boo, what are you doing, making your own strong league, stop it now!
Did you even bother to read what i posted?

The KHL great and the MHL is great. Russian hockey seems to be going in a positive direction, which is great.

Why the hell does Russian hockey need to over-run the rest of Europe and make its own version of an NHL? How is this helpful to the rest of Europe outside of those nations that are too small to have strong leagues or are in ruin anyway and so have no other option but to rely upon KHL help?

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