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04-16-2012, 10:43 AM
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It is difficult to discuss with you because you dont have basic knowledge of KHL and MHL plans. You dont know how KHL, MHL see european hockey development and future.

The NHL can hinder youth development in Europe, but you think creating a 2nd "Global league", thus destroying domestic competition even more, helps domestic development anymore than the NHL does? I find that hard to believe.
An elite Pan-European league, which has a select few teams from each nation. At no point have you actually responded the my actual points (as ususal) ; what happens to those left behind?
nothing. Club not involved in KHL would play domestic league as before. Look at Slovan case. Club will join KHL and rest teams of slovak league will play extraliga like they do know. Maybe one newcomer. Level of play will be the same. Slovan will not change its developming system - kids, youth, juniors will play slovak leagues of appropriate age category. Best juniors can make Slovanīs roster to play better league. Is it bad? If Slovan creates MHL team in future, it will be good for developing. MHL is better than slovak U20 league. Bad for you?

I can imagine the same scenario in Czech rep, Sweden, Finland. I dont believe it happens in north europe but I dont see negatives. Developing system will be the same, only one or more senior clubs will play KHL. These clubs can play Elitserien as well. Non-russian KHL club does not have to build MHL team if you dont know.

Anyway, if you remove 2/3 big markets from individual nations and put them in the KHL, what becomes of the domestic leagues left behind? Gone are their big franchises, TV contract and money goes down the hole, incentive to develop players goes, prestige of winning national league decreases.
your theory. I can give you real proof. HC LEV played this season in Slovakia. Your scenario did not happen. HC LEV will play next season in Prague. What happens? CKD as onwer HC LEV gave money to czech federation. You complain about decreaing money for domestic league, I give say you are wrong.

KHL doesn't want to unite Europe. The KHL doesn't really care how development goes in many European nations. It cares about having a strong domestic league and about rivalling the NHL. You think the KHL really gives a damn about how youth hockey progresses in western European countries?
you should read or dicsuss with people working for MHL. They want to cooperate with europe nations to make domestic junior leagues better, to stop luring kids to CHL. MHL does not want to lure czech, finn, swede, slovak or so clubs. They only want to play international games like World Cup, to share knowledge.

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