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04-16-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Jorge Garcia View Post
Yer kiddin', right? You want LESS local content? Yeah, we don't get enough Leafs coverage as it is.
No no no.

I don't want Leafs coverage.

I want PROFESSIONAL SPORTS COVERAGE. I don't need to hear about Yorkie's trip to the Master's. I don't need to hear about "Beechee". I don't need to hear about Simpson's job in Washington. Talk Senators. Talk NHL, Talk 67s and do it NONSTOP.
No more white noise from the announcers. A minute spent talking about Jason York or The Bachelor is a minute I am NOT hearing about the Senators and quite frankly, with the speed of information with blogs and twitter and so on...that's just not acceptable.

Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
Who is this Studly guy on Sports Call now? Half the time he whispers like he thinks he is Steven Seagal.
Kurt or Kirt Stoodley from some FM station or A Channel I think. At least he isn't Simpson. By the way, big ups to Lee Versage for warning us that Simpson hangs out at a pub on Wellington Street. I'll avoid like the plague so I don't have this bump cozying up to me and going on and on about how me made a decision in Washington and Toronto ages ago.

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