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04-16-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by TP View Post
It's pretty simple from my chair.

use speed around the zone and faster passes. They are so slow on doing anything that the opposition has time to read the paper, take a sip of coffee, and yawn and then get in position to block anything.
I agree with you. They take way too much time developing anything. Also when they do get an add man situation, everyone that receives the puck always looks up or hesitates before either shooting or passing. It is a very easy PP to defend because of the players being static and slow on their decisions. I don't think coaching is going to make a difference.

Chara never shoots. Always throwing in a floater. That's a waist. 108mh and that all he can muster. If he does, it's never on net.
Bergeron as much as I like him is always with his face looking at the glass.Can't score that way. Takes too long to take a shot.
Sieds shouldn't be on the PP.
Seguin should be out there the whole PP.
Marchand should be out there as well. Has a quick shot and has good wheels and also moves around.
I'd try Rolston at the point and just tell him "only one timers" no setting up.

Basically, get guys out there that are quick with shooting and making decisions. It's way to slow right now just like before.

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