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Originally Posted by Joe Hallenback View Post
Pulock is more polished the Roy. Roy was not playing organized hockey till he was 14.

Both are top notch passers. Pulock has a much better slapshot. NHL caliber shot.

Roy needs to work on his skating and strength. Guy is just a string bean right now.

Roy is much more a riverboat gambler then Pulock although he has toned that down somewhat this year.

Pulock is 6'1 and a solid 200 pounds. Roy is 6'3 170. Roy has the Frame to really bulk up. Big wide shoulders. I hope they have him do some power skating this summer to work on his first step speed.

I have no doubt Pulock will be a top 10 pick next year. Too poised not to be. Roy will more that likely go in the 15 to 25 range. He is more of a project pick then Pulock so some team that can afford to wait on him will select him around them.
Where do you think Nikkel will go? The improvement in his game from Jan when he was allowed to play defence (thanks to Fransoo being traded) was insane.

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