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Originally Posted by coladin View Post
Tell me how many of you enjoyed when Boyle punched, or as you guys put it "nuggied' karlsson in Game 1? Just a face wash, no. Hammers? No, but he was punching him and he made a point to go right after arguably opur best player, our MVP. He was trying to send a message and it worked for Game 1. It backfired for Game 2.

Alfie is not playing. This is just posturing, keeping the coaches and players on their toes, classic gamesmanship. He has ben diagnosed with a concussion and if memory serves me you have to be out a minimum of 1 week regardless of passing your baseline test. I am not 100% but pretty sure.

I think it was a suspension, regardless of prior history. Take the jerseys out, make one black and one white and you watch the hit and make up your mind. If that was Michalek or Turris, soft players, and they got three games for the identical hit on Callahan, of course I would be pissed too.

Carkner got what he deserved and, ultimately 2 game suspension. Missed the whole game played 1 shift and tonight, which I don't think he was going to be in the lineup anyways. Shanny being a half goon in his day took it easy on Carks because Boyle wanted to draw the penalty and didn't act like a man. So, good for him, drew the penalty, he was unhurt except for his pride perhaps and the Rangers failed to capitalize. In the end he could have cemented this series for NYR but a terrible powerplay negated his beating.

Hoping for a good game tonight.
The thing you're dead wrong about is that Boyle didn't "go after" Karlsson. Karlsson was the one who got in the way of Boyle (who was skating over to the aid of Prust). Boyle wasnt on that shift to 'send a message.' Was he opportunistic in how the events unfolded? Yes, clearly. Was he maliciously targeting Karlsson prior to the scrum? No.

The Sens got sensitive about it and were reactionary. That's why we laugh about it.

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