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04-16-2012, 02:03 PM
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Hi BaconStrips!

Thanks for the advice and information. I think maybe this is a good all-purpose weightlifting thread.

I am familiar with 5/3/1 and have read Martin @ LeanGains EXTENSIVELY, part of what got me steered towards heavy compound lifting. In the past, I've done all kinds of random crap from P90X to kettlebells to bodyweight workouts, and I saw no progress and got bored.

Starting Strength is probably the first workout I've done which actually makes me WANT to work out. Yeah the workouts are tough as hell and getting harder every time, but I'm getting a lot closer to my goals.

Right now I'm doing nothing but weightlifting 3x a week. My winter season is over and summer doesn't start for 6-8 weeks. My short term goal is to just get up to a good base level of strength, at least 2 plates for squat and deadlift and at least one plate bench. I haven't touched a stick in weeks and won't for weeks. That's fine. I needed a mental break from hockey, playing almost every week for six years.

Once I hit that level of strength, I plan on dropping my workout intensity, likely to 2x per week, possibly adding in sprints or hills, and focus on shedding fat through the start of summer hockey. I'll probably look at either 5/3/1 or just a variation of SS with squats once a week.

Long term I don't give a crap about benching 300 or squatting 3x bodyweight or anything. I just want a decent amount of strength and muscle with body fat in the low teens and to generally be free of injury and disease. At 5'8 with 145 lean mass, adding another 10-15 pounds muscle and dropping to 175-180 bodyweight should set me up nicely for hockey and life.

The other half is getting my diet cleaned up and nailed down. These past few weeks I've added a few pounds of muscle and a few pounds of fat, and at my BF% that means I'm overeating. So I'm trying to figure that part out while keeping my 3x5 workouts religiously. And that will be more important in 4-6 weeks when I shift from building strength to burning fat.

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