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Originally Posted by bidzey View Post
no, did not see the game, and you don't have too see it to realise Nurse had his shorts tied in a knot in that period. Did you see it?

I watched him play all through out the U17 tournament. First off I don't hate the player, I know he's good, it's just IMO that he is overated. Plain and simple. What I saw in Windsor was the Russians totally dominating them in the last game in overtime when they needed defense the most... do you remember that? Did you watch that game?
I saw today's game online. If im not there in person, I dont like to comment on it. The hit was an iffy call from what I saw, but I wasn't there. I know some who are there, so I may hear more in a few days.

In regards to the U17's, you can have your opinion, but Im not sure most share it. I was lucky enough to sit with some friends from the QMJHL for a few games, and they raved about him. I also picked Craig Button's brain on him and a few other players, and he loved what he saw as well. Probably why he was named to the U1 all star team, and his performance there is what played a significant factor in him being at the U18's. Thats what was communicated to the Hounds.

With the Ontario U17 team, they where most dffinetly done after the round robin. Just to many injuries to cope. They where down to 8 forwards and 5 defenceman. Outside of Martin, no one really played well in that Russia game.

That said, I never look at a player in a single game scenerio. I judge him on his long term body of work. And from what I can seen from Nurse over the past two years has really impressed. You dont see a player with that potential and ability come around every so often.

Your well within your rights to think he is overrated, but I cant think of anyone I would have chosen over him given who was available, and given his play over the past few years, but more specifically the past 3 months.

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