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04-16-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
holy about digging up an old thread.

great breakdown KF, but i'm not buying it. it comes down to the quality of the forwards LA has from these picks. the numbers they are producing other than just GP. if i missed that in my original post then that is my bad. also consider now that the big chunk of GP's that bring LA's % up is W Simmonds and T Lewis. Simmonds/Schenn = MR now. T Lewis, well all he notches is GP and ice time, guy needs to get on the sheet more.

looking up and down that list you compiled (great job by the way) supports what I am saying. there are all-stars up and down that list, while the LA guys essentially are a bunch of plumbers and pluggers. DL has missed on the quality aspect when it comes to the front end.

with the limited number of picks he has this summer and the depth he has from the NHL-AHL-ECHL-NCAA-Jrs.....he doesn't need to add another D and/or G. LA will find a gem the same way it did with Voynov, when Dean finally goes all in on forwards. when he continues to just go after them here and there, we will most likely see a hit-or-miss result.

the re-signing of JQ before the draft is VITAL at this point. get him signed then trade JB, so he can get back in the early rounds. would love for him to get a winger in the Landeskog/Skinner/Seguin style and build. very skaters, great hands, above average speed and some size.
Thanks for the backpat. Apparently on January 12, I had a REALLY slow day at work

I have two beefs with the post of yours I quoted here though:

First, you state that Simmonds + Schenn = Richards. That's irrelevant. We are talking about drafting records, Simmonds and Schenn were drafted by LA, not Richards. Critiquing the value of a trade is not the same as critiquing a draft record.

Second, nothing on there supports what you are saying. Does DL have to find some high end skill? Yes, I said that in my post ("The Kings need to hit on a big name forward for sure"). That said, how many guys are listed there who would be top two line wingers (which is what you said you wanted LA to draft) that would also have been available when LA picked? Lucic, Chris Stewart, Benn, Eberle, Pacioretty, Giroux, Couture, Berglund, Kulemin, Stalberg, Grabner, Johansson. That's 12 players, spread over six drafts, so roughly 2 players per draft that they missed on that were wingers that would have fit your needs basis.

Do you know how many teams passed on many of those players? In several cases, like Lucic, Benn, Stalberg and Kulemin, most if not all teams passed on them, more than once in several instances. No team is going to get it completely right, realistic expectations are needed. Additionally, in some cases like Stewart and Kulemin, it's debateable they would have been an improvement at all for the Kings this season given the years they had in 2011-2012.

On a final note, you have to give credit where it is due. DL did draft Schenn and Simmonds, and neither should be labelled as a "plumber" or "plugger" Simmonds posted 28 goals as a 23 year old and Schenn is having a wonderful playoff as a rookie and we all know what he projects to be as an NHLer.

Frankly, I think your expectations are much to high. Considering the fact DL and Co. arguably overlooked drafting forwards in favor of defensemen in early round most of the six drafts he's had in LA, the fact LA is around the middle of the pack in terms of games played and success is pretty good (and that ranking will likely increase with Dwight King, Jordan Nolan and Andrei Loktionov ready to take the next step). If we were to add in the games played of defensemen the Kings would go up noticably IMO.

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