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04-16-2012, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by threeGo View Post
Your whole team lost you that game. It was quite entertaining seeing the pens try and play like the flyers but they just weren't good at it. I hope there's as much shenanigans after the whistle in game 4. I don't follow the penguins closely but I do cheer for them in the playoffs depending on who they are facing. I hope they win but at the same time it'd be interesting to see what happens if they lose.

To that guy that said to get rid of MAF and get's stupid. I'd rather run with a young goalie who generally plays good than end up being a team without goaltending like the flyers before bryzgalov, chicago, sens from few years ago. You don't want to have a rotating door of goalies.
This is the pens board my friend. Not an outside fan lecture.

Fleury's rebound control was atrocious and absolutely killed our confidence early. Fleury's 4th goal was the icing on the cake especially when it was right after Neal's 1st of the series and a great individual effort.

**** went downhill after that. Sid tried to stir things up b/c if was obvious things weren't going our way.

All Fleury needed to be was average by his standards and we may have a 2-1 series on our hands.

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