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04-16-2012, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by TheCanasianfrasian View Post
I think that in some cases the really need to get their **** together. For those who watched yesterday's game in Philly, we can all agree that some plays should have been penalties. I'm thinking about the Neal - Couturier hit. He should have been in the box for playing interference at least! But he wasn't and then he went to hit Giroux behind the head which could have been dangerous play considering Giroux has had concussion problems this year.
Yeah, I've been loving the physicality and nastiness playoffs in general so far (as well as story lines like Pens and Canucks down 0-3), but that (Neal/Couturier) non-call in particular opened the door to escalated shenanigans. How it wasn't called charging or interference, I have no idea. If that was any other player than Giroux in the other instance, though, I would have thought he was selling it big time there. Reckless intent was certainly evident, but the contact/force just didn't seem to be. But since it was Giroux, we can assume he might be more vulnerable in certain areas/cases to begin with, and I'd have to believe any matters involving supplementary discipline would consider such things.

This post season makes me wish there was no instigator penalty, just to see if the players could get the message across to each other more quickly and effectively than the league is "trying" to via its existing disciplinary system.

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