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04-16-2012, 06:21 PM
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I think that it goes without saying that I have been a strong advocate for the Canadiens getting bigger, tougher and stronger since I joined here. Fighting is an essential part of hockey and the Martin era will be known for Montreal being one of the softest teams in the NHL that rarely stood up for their teammates.

With all of that said, this year's NHL playoffs are an abomination. Not the fighting part. I love watching a good non-staged, emotion driven scrap.

No, the abomination is the almost complete abandonment of the rule book. We are back to the clutch and grab and obstruct and hook and elbow hockey without penalties being called. The NHL is becoming a joke of a professional sport. NO OTHER sport throws the rule book out the window when playoffs begin. Strikes are still called strikes and outs are still outs in baseball. Football still follows the rules.

But not hockey. Bettman in his ignorance has cheapened the game. (The conspiracy believing part of my brain believes that this will enable his buddy Campbell's boy to win another no rules Stanley Cup by putting up the whistle.) And as a result, we have a free for all NHL playoffs this year.

The fights I dont mind. It is the blatant attempts to injure as a result of no rules is what is bad for this League. Teams are merely compensating for having no rules by gooning it up with cheap shots.

The NHL needs to keep the integrity of the game by calling penalties when penalties occur. (But the physicality and the fighting has been phenomenal)

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