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Originally Posted by RAYClovis View Post
Is there a way to remember it outside of pure muscle memory and would it be alright to practice that off-ice? I never really know what's the difference between an off-ice shot and an on-ice shot other than balance.
Lots of people practice their shot off-ice by shooting from a board. It definitely helps. Mechanics for off-ice and on-ice shooting are pretty much the same but the timing is different. There's a lot more friction on dryland than on ice, which means that puck will stay on your blade for a significantly longer time. Your wrist snap and release will have to be much quicker when you shoot on the ice. It's harder to flex the stick on the ice, compared to dryland (someone who knows more about this, feel free to chime in). For a traditional wrist shot, you might have to adjust how far back you start with the puck (in relation to your back foot) since the puck rolls from heel to toe faster on ice.

In general, everything is slower when shooting dryland, and I find it easier to shoot off a board than on the ice.

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