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03-09-2006, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Starsdude
Not sure that is true anymore. 2 goals and some grit so about like Tjarnqvist was giving us. I prefer us going back to Matty who looked like he was just starting to get comfortable here
Drake never was much of an offensive threat. His career high; 44 points, and that was in his rookie season. He has been relatively consistent, always averaging out to about 30/40 points per season, including this year. Anyway, Drake's true value isn't recorded on the statsheet. He's probably the best open ice hitter in the NHL, is great defensively, hardnosed and experienced. He's 37 and nearing retirement, he'll give it all to win his only Cup. IMO one of the better 3rd liners in the NHL, he's a superior player to Tjrnqvist, Stevenson and Perrot. He's about on par with Miettinen and Ott in terms of contributions.

Anyway; two of our closest rivals have just tried to strenghten themselves. The Avs have "fixed" their situation in net, they think. Acquirering Theodore. Yet he's out for at least another month, hurting their playoff chances. In the meantime, his contract is preventing Lacroix from doing much else while Aebischer is cheaper and enjoying a much better season.

LA on the other hand really has strenghten themselves. I think they lost the trade by a small margain, but they didn't lose any contributing players so that's a plus for them. We already had trouble with them, now they add a former 30 goal scorer with grit and a former 40+ point defenseman, granted he should be responsible for 40+ goals as well though..

Armstrong was once again quoted as saying he wouldn't consider it to be a dissapointing trade deadline if nothing happend, but he's not ruling out a trade either. Seems like he's waiting untill they approach him, which I don't think we'll happen.

I think we're done.. Chances of a trade: 85/15.

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