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04-16-2012, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
In general, if they've gone to the effort to block something, they'll get annoyed if you directly circumvent their block.

Furthermore, if management finds out about're obviously putting in a lot of effort to do something they explicitly do not want you to do, and that generally doesn't go over well.
This is true, but it really depends on a lot of things.

Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i'm not tech guru but if you're on an intranet they can log anything your computer does. i'm positive ours can. Luckily they're a lot looser with restrictions than most places. It doesn't depend on anything--even if they can't tell what sites you're visiting, the act of circumventing IT policies is punishable by termination. Not automatic, but if they feel like it it's a good way to rid themselves of someone they want to fire.
It depends on if they bought the quality equipment or the discount stuff. If they've got top of the line intelligent switches and the appropriate software on their computers, they can log every keystroke, mouse click, and bit of data that you send over the network at all. Discount gear? No monitoring software? They wont see a damned thing.

But this is way off topic. All I did was as a question here.

Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
There's an...erm...preview of the new Sigur Rós album floating around...

It's super, duper ambient. Like even by their standards. I'm a fan of theirs, but it might be just a little too much for my tastes.
What kind of music is that? Sounds interesting.

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