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08-09-2003, 11:24 PM
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Name: Monika
Age: 33
Married? In life or cyber? :D
Occupation: Finance/Writing
Jerseys Owned: Mogilny home - signed by Wendel :rolly: ! generic home
Favourite Food: AlMo - oops! Chocolate!
Favourite Band/Musician: Jazz/Big Band/Swing/Beatles/Stones - stuff I hear on the Edge
Favourite Leaf Moment: "Bless you boys!" Ottawa-Leafs game 6 from 2002. Joe Bowen's call still sends shivers up my spine, and I cried when they won that game! And it may sound a bit crass, but when Ballard died, there was a sense of relief, I knew some pride would be back in TO.
Favourite Current Leaf: my man :bow:Mogilny:bow:
Favourite All Time Leaf: That's a tough one. We've been devoid of The Cup but have had so many great all round players. Out of the players I've seen since about 1975, I'm picking Wendel Clark. He embodies all the qualities of the UberLeaf - fearless, classy, skilled, but still willing to kick the crap out of anyone who deserved it

Fondest Pre-Nuke HF Memory: I was pretty green(should that be pretty Travis?) but it would have to be my acceptance in bWo
What you're looking for Post nuke: :bow: The Cup :bow: Seriously, I would love a board without the pettiness and strictness of pbox/fanhome, and without the raunch of (even though I love their Ladies Room!) I want a place where I can discuss the Leafs in a rational but passionate manner with Leaf fans, and hockey with hockey fans. I don't want crazy rumours about private lives, just good info on the team.

Add anything else about yourself, too.

I'm a woman with a husband in the early stages of mid life crisis, and training camp is still a month away. Guess I'll just follow my motto, "Lie back and think of AlMo."

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