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04-17-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by coladin View Post
Well, I am not the only one has come to that conclusion. Hank stole it, but i would probably put it at 60-40 as far as outplaying the Rangers, nothing embarrasing, but I think that the Sens had more control, more rushes and the Rangers were content to wait and weather...which they did with Hank making the stops.

By the way, MAF still has scoreboard over Hank. It ain't even close. 2 Finals. Sure, he had a bad year this year in the playoffs, **** happens as that team is imploding. Hank's playoff success is there for everyone to see. He may not have the supporting cast of MAF but in the end it is about results.
MAF has never had to steal games or carry his team in any capacity. I have watched him since his international days, he is a medicore goalie. Always has been always will be. He can get streaky at times but any goalie can get streaky.

Pens fans are in love with him because he made one lucky pad save in SCF. He doesn't even have to overreach his pad if he isn't so far in his crease. He is a rebound giving machine and mentally fragile.

I agree with you that Hank hasn't proven anything. But that doesn't mean I am going to show respect to MAF. Stanley Cups are TEAM awards.

MAF has never pulled a Roy, Gieure, Ward, Hasek, Hextall like performance in the playoffs.

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