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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Hear we go again.
a long time ago I watched the NHL go down a very bad path.
I watched the broad street bullies just break every rule for 2-3 years.
They won cups because they they took the NHL by surprise and all other teams were not built to combat these guys. UNTIL, the Habs decided to fight fire with fire.
Habs ended the Flyers streak in 4 games. Bouchard, Lapoint, Savard and Robinson and more just dropped the gloves in the first 5 minutes and took care of business. That quickly ended the FLYERS and Habs won in 4 and went on to win the CUP.
I am seeing that same ugly stuff again this year. The NHL has rules and it tells it's 30 teams that the NHL is all about hockey and the ruff stuff will not be tolerated all year and the same in the playoffs.
WELL, the proof is back again. In the playoffs the rules are waved and it's a WAR. Enough with the NHL lies, the Habs MUST again fight fire with fire. It's time to hire 6 Hanson brothers and cause a HUGE problem in the NHL next year. From the get go, just like in the 70's drop all the gloves in the first 5 minutes go to WAR, forget hockey, give the Americans what they want, the WWHF, blood everywhere, two sent to hospital, Players go into the crowd, coaches on the ice too.
and yes players getting even with the stupid refs by smashing them also.
Then we can have a hockey game and the next headlines will read " greatest game ever played" Bettman will have an orgazim.
No one told the Habs to get rid of their tough players. No one told them to hire a bunch of smurfs. No one said it was a new era where hockey should be played without toughness.

While all the other teams in our division were toughing up this summer and the past few years, we went in the totally opposite direction.

The league is not blame here, the Montreal Canadiens Organization is.

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