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04-17-2012, 11:04 AM
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It's gone too far. It makes the sports look stupid and brainless.

These players are putting there lives on the line right now.

I really think crosby vs giroux is a shame. We all feared Crosby's career was one hit away from retiring, and now we're suppose to cheer to the fact he fights? what the hell.

Wanting to make the big hit to look tough is stupid. Right now they are not playing hockey, they are playing the game of who has the less brain and the biggest testicule.

People who support those hits have not understood a single thing about the concussion issues.

Take that ****ing aggressivity out of your chest by skating faster, scoring goals, fighting along the boards, not by killing somebody. Are these guys even aware a single blow to the head can be fatal? a punch or a elbow hit and boom, you regret your pride made you do insane things (bertuzzi anyone). I can't even believe this dude can still wear skates without feeling ashamed.

I support toughness and combativity along the boards, not brainless behavior driven by madness and twisted pride. If i wanna see a guy take a smackdown on someone and cheer for it along 20 000 people, I'm gonna watch wwe.

And I freaking love hockey.

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