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04-17-2012, 10:27 AM
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-Spacek, sucks, but contract was expiring.
-Kaberle, still somewhat useful, but under contract for 2 more seasons.

So those who feel it was a good trade point to the PP improving. Which is great, but it improved from OMG it's a Pee-Wee PP to meh, it's ok for the AHL.

And, those that feel it was a horrendous trade point to the cap hits.

I am in the middle of this one. Kaberle had an off year, c'mon guys, he hadn't played past April in YEARS (gratuitous shot at the leafs). But his conditioning was off at the start and he was basically behind. He turned it around in Jan, but that was too late. He still has some value and if he plays sheltered (as in not against the top opposition) minutes and PP time, he's quite useful. Or at the veryleast tradable for an asset (Spacek really wasn't)

For those that continue to say to themselves...But, cap space!? Well, what are we to use it for? Will the player/s many here want going to be available in July? Couldn't they still be signed and Kaberle traded or even waived prior to July (because he's not on a 35+ contract like Spacek was) to make space.

It isn't the "worst trade ever" as some here like to think. See Ribero/Gomez trades and come back.

It wasn't the best either. It was a gamble by Gauthier who saw that a season where they miss the playoffs = a summer where he is looking for work. He tried, it didn't really work out. But there are many options out there, and all we had to give up was a 38yo injury prone Dman to try it out. It isn't like we gave up a top prospect (Gomez )

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