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04-17-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
focus and concentration???????? that is his biggest asset and allows him to play beyond his years???? again wow i know it is your opinion but wow not sure how good you think a 16 year old goalie has to be before he is considrered a 1st round potential but I can say he is beyond Fleury at the same age and on par with Luongo was, so unless your looking for superman to come down and put on pads and mits your not going to find as much a for sure bet to be a 1st rounder than Fucale and by the way your assessment of him is totally wrong, really? concentration, weak goals and focus and bad rebound controll???? are you sure your not from Quebec city and living in Halifax?
I just watched him in the last two games in Halifax. When the game is on the line, yes, he's focused, concentrated and makes the big save when needed. But most of the goals scored on him while I was there, were errors in focus, concentration or rebound control. Quebec made it a point to send dump-ins on net because he was having trouble controlling them and smothering them. The goals, for the most part, were saveable shots from bad angles in quiet areas where you could tell he wasn't zeroed in on the play.

And let me reiterate. Focus and concentration is a trouble area for most young goaltenders. Hell, Price is still struggling with it in the NHL.

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