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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
Folks I'm here for discussion on the incident. Nothing more. I'm not a Coyotes or Hawks fan but I am a fan of the game. I don't like it when goalies get taken advantage of nor do I like it when the role is reversed. It puts a blackmark on the game. Look at the replays guys. The contact is head to head, un-intentional. Shaw can not be faulted for going after the puck, that's part of his job description. What is the alternative, make a free play zone in the trapezoid where a player can not enter so the goalie can freely play the puck? The call was wrong by the letter of the law... It is not charging. It was not charging, not elbowing.... The typical calls that lead to head contact calls. IF: Smith finished the game as he did, playing stellar I might add, does play Tues OR is on the bench will you concede that he embelished?
I will not concede he embellished. If he did, he continued the embellishment through the rest of the game and into yesterday. That seems excessive, and I don't buy it. Read through this thread: those who watched Smith in person say it was very clear that he wasn't himself, and as someone who watched on TV, I thought it was quite odd that he wasn't playing the puck with his usual verve. It was the first time all season that he looked rattled. That he made plenty of big saves the rest of the game speaks more to his spirit than his health.

As for Shaw, what should he have done? He shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. How often do opposing players run goalies behind the net? It doesn't happen often, even though even conservative goalies go back there a lot, because most players will stop and try to either play the pass or pokecheck the puck free, or at worst they'll squeeze past between the goalie and the net (and there was room for Shaw to do that, had he chosen).

I don't know if Shaw acted out of malice or negligence (though I have a guess, given the flopfest he put on in game one), but neither is particularly flattering.

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