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04-17-2012, 11:12 AM
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19 of us got it right!! Gratz boys!!!

Bryan MFin Boyle is all that needs to be said in the streets of NY. I now great people with a crisp handshake and firmly state "Bryan MFing Boyle".

Other Uses:
Q:"Hey, how was your night last nigh"
A: "Bryan MF'n Boyle!" - Translation: I watched the Ranger game and Boyle won it with a goal!

Q:"You watch the Pittsburgh Philly game yesterday?"
A:"Bryan MF'n Boyle!" Translation: Who cares, Bryan Boyle don't play on no PA team.

Q:"It's Mom's Birthday is Saturday, do you want to take her to dinner?"
A:"Bryan MF'n Boyle!" Translation: Rangers are playing on Saturday and the old bag comes in after the Rangers!

Q:"Who should be drafted at pick #... in this draft"
A:"Bryan MF'n Boyle!" Translation: Who cares when you can get Bryan Boyle for a 3rd round pick. Hell most 3rd rounders are a long shot to make it at all.

Q:"Sir you have an enlarged prostate, it's probably cancerous and you'll need surgery."
A:"Bryan MF'n Boyle!" Translation: Dat s**t don't mean nuttin. Prostate cancer wouldn't stop Bryan Boyle and it sure as hell won't stop me from watching the Rangers"

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