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04-17-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Evgeny Oliker View Post
I created the last two top 20 for the preds so let me comment in Josi:

1. This season - when some of you say that I have not watched him play, where do you get this huge assumption from? I am a huge Josi fan aNd have seen him play this season a number of different times. He is actually on my fantasy team even! I keep track of his progress all the time.

2. Why is he at #3 and behind Blum - when this top 20 came out Blum still had NHL playoff success over Josi. The other issue is the numerous concussions Josi has had, as some of you pointed out.

3. 7.0b - Can he be a 7.5? Sure you can make an argument for that. I love his offensive upside. I still feel he has to improve defensively if he wants to be a 1st pairing guy. At times he holds on to the puck for too long in his own zone and that causes turnovers. I am aware he is improving in that area. As some of you have mentioned, 7.0 is the safer choice for him right now. That does not mean he can't move to 7.5 if he stays healthy and improves his defensive play. However please be aware that hf does not like to change the number of the rating...more likely to change the letter on it.

I would say he is my favorite preds prospect right now. However it's not my job to be biased.

When Craig Smith was on pace for 50-60 points and I ranked him at #5 you guys ripped me a new one. He finished the season with 36 points and is warming the Bench in the playoffs ... Hindsight is 20/20!
I respect you and thank you for having the courage to face your readers !

1) I took the assumption you didn't see him this season because the rating 7 is for nber 3 and 4 in defense.
You see in his game, he will be a first liner. Give him 2 more years and he will be their. Possibly even 1 year ... if Sutter leaves or if Sutter or Weber is hurt.
Which you, by the way, use to say that at the time you ranked Blum over him was because of last year.
So then, maybe you looked at him but didn't change the rating. We were basically talking about the analysis dated december 2011. Not judging the analyst.

2) that he would not be 9 ... ok. i have a crush on him. I accept a clear bias. But then to have him 7, 8 or 7.5 because of injuries. Pardon me ... 7 or 8 should remain unchanged. That is his potential. A B C D is the risk that he doesn't fulfill his potential. So if you fear for his health ... he deserves a 7.5 (or 8 ... ) with a higher letter.
The number is the expected value and the letter is the dispersion (risk).
don't reduce the expected value because the risk became higher ! increase the risk ! it is intuitive but it is wrong.

3) From player in AHL, he became a 2nd liner in NHL. While being a perfect rookie.
It is a step that, when made, can be considered as a risk reduction !! And he adjusted greatly ... showing higher potential and being lined up in special units (PP and BP). He is regularly the 3rd TOI on defense and had 0.33 pts/game.

7 B rating was before of that.

4) Besides ... relax ... you do your job and it is up to us to discuss. You take the risk to write down your opinion ... that is normal. you are the analyst. We are the public and discuss the things ... and HFboard is great for that !

Peace Bro we all love hockey.

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