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04-17-2012, 01:06 PM
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Sully and Gleason always railed against Golisano for not returning their calls. I've never heard them complain of the same regarding Regier. I get the sense that they think they shouldn't have to call to get their story, that the story should just come to them. I find it ironic that Bucky boasts of all the hockey guys around the league that he talks to--and I doubt there are a lot of hockey guys thinking to themselves, "Hey, I should call Bucky Gleason today"--but does anyone think that he actually calls Regier? I doubt it. Same with Sully.

More and more, it sounds like the organization was not going to give guys like Harrington, Gleason, and Sullivan an opportunity to grandstand and pander to their base during a live presser. They'll give them answers in a private phone call, though. That puts the onus on those guys to make the call to get their story, or expose their true motives for why they wanted a live presser. I love it.

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