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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Heh. He hasn't evolved, at least based on what happened this season. And expecting that to change is a tough pill to swallow. This off-season reminds me of '02 when he talked up getting tougher/more competitive and also making a splash at the draft. He managed to move up a bit to get Paille but couldn't get up to select the guy he wanted in Nash (possibly because his table was too noisy/excited to keep it under wraps and tipped MacLean off to what was happening). He swapped out Rasmussen for Mair and a couple of second rounders for Hecht. He failed to land Nash, he failed to land Grier who said they were trying hard to get him included in the Hecht deal and the "big changes" amounted to very little.

It's a bit like the Kassian/Foligno/McNabb drafting in one year and expect ONE draft to fix the lack of size and physical play for the entire development group.

The rationalization about Regier can be that he learned his lesson this time and will demonstrate that at the next opportunity. They were, of course, active at the deadline with the two trades plus the attempted Staubitz claim. As always, the proof will be in the pudding.

Since Hockey Operations isn't changing, all one can do is rationalize that the current ownership is aware of, and will not allow, the mistakes of the past to be repeated under their watch, as they were with prior ownership.

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