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04-17-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Yeah, he's not top of the list. He'd be a "in a limited role" type if they miss out elsewhere.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them kick the tires on some younger guys who may not be as high on their development as their teams (or fans) would like. Ruff and his staff have had some success turning out some silk purses from sows ears over the years on the blueline. Granted, that's probably a doubly damning analogy, since they've turned out so many guys carrying silk purses too....
They should look at the following, in regards to the blueline...

1. The potential to upgrade the top pairing (Sekera-Myers). Ryan Suter is really the only way to do this, as Sekera has grown into a quality defensemen
2. Sekera-Myers is your top pairing, so you've got to find the right mix for the rest of the backend. Which will include Ehrhoff and Regehr, and finding the right partners for them
2a. Sulzer is the RIGHT partner for Ehrhoff, lets get that straight. You can call that pairing your 3rd pairing if you want.
2b. The right partner for Regehr. We don't need an Offensive defensemen like Leo, but it also CAN'T be a pylon like Weber. We hope that McNabb is the guy, but it would be WRONG to go into the season expecting him to be they guy. In a perfect scenario, Suter is signed, and Sekera plays with Regehr

Suter-Myers, Sekera-Regehr, Sulzer-Ehrhoff
Sekera-Myers, XXXX-Regehr, Sulzer-Ehrhoff

Suter-Myers, Leopold-Regehr, Sulzer-Ehrhoff
Not Again!:
Sekera-Myers, Weber-Regehr, McNabb-Ehrhoff

Either way, Weber is a #7, McNabb needs to prove himself, and Leo is a redundant weakness.

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