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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
I posted several quotes from the 1923 Cup finals in my Simpson bio last ATD.

I think Simpson definitely had a case for being the best in the world, although it was harder to decide that claim when the east/west divide meant that few people got to see all the players.
This is why I never paid much attention to Lalonde's claim that he was the best. But seeing Simpson's performance against those Sens in the full context of that playoff season (in which Ottawa had dominated their opponents defensively in basically all but one game) put his skill level in better perspective for me. He was literally the only player on the Esks able to make any headway against that Ottawa machine, and the Ottawa Citizen being impressed by him tells me more than any praise Newsy Lalonde (who was out west at that point) could send his way. The extreme partisanship of western papers at that time (which is already on full display in the game summaries I have posted) has made me wary of putting too much into isolated quotes from those sources. It is precisely because of the fact that the leagues were so split that I place added weight on the Cup Finals during this period, as it is the only stage on which we get to see east meet west, and read the perspectives of both sides.

Of course, it's also worth noting how remarkably those Sens played in spite of being horribly depleted by injury. I really hope I have time to actually pursue the whole project. Seeing an entire playoff from start to finish puts things is much better perspective for me, and storylines start to emerge that aren't nearly so clear when the information is fragmented.

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