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04-17-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kings man 4 life View Post
Just think we as fans don't know what it is like to win lol and win like champions, this team atm looks that way. This behavior is new and perplexing and in a way too good to be true so were naturally expecting our lovable team to come back to earth as they always have.

IMO as fans we have to ride this all out, nothing we do will really affect any of this, Sutter has done a great job with this team. Hopefully and most probably he is tempering this team with the thought that they have done great work getting here now don't be stupid and cocky and finish the Canucks with brutal efficiency, now is not the time to be cute or they well knock you on your collective *****.
LOL so true

I mean, the last couple of years of history makes us temper expectations--think of the foot-on-the-throat moments we had vs. the Canucks in 2010, the Sharks in 2011, and the Sharks at the end of the season here--and it's easy to see why people are positive and supportive, but a bit anxious. I know I sure am.

History will be made

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