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04-17-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Buckleys View Post
This is great.

Again as a Sens fan, I find the statement about Fleury being a cup winner irrelevant.

As this poster pointed out, Marino never won the superbowl, and he's still one of the best Quarterbacks ever.

Our own Alfredsson has never won a stanley cup, it doesn't mean Dustin Penner is a better forward because he has.
It's okay, a lot of people have a loser mentality when they don't win a championship. A winner is a winner and getting a ring, regardless of your role, is something pretty special. You're being intellectually dishonest with your comment about Penner, how does everyone feel about Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry? What, are you going to bring up Andre Roy as a up winner too? There are roles for everyone on a championship team.

I bet Marino would trade all his record for a Super Bowl ring.

True story: I remember walking into Garry Galley and we chit chatted about winning the Cup and I specifically mentioned if you would rather have a career like Dan Marino or Trent Dilfer. He said to me he would rather be Dilfer. I laughed and he got all serious and explained to me what it means to win a championship, be a winner and how he would trade every individual accomplishment for a Stanley Cup ring. he put me in my place and he actually changed my mind.

Even as a Sens fan, you should now better.

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