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Originally Posted by Head Above Water View Post
You just sound bitter, which makes no sense considering you came out on top. Penalty calls aside, this post is pure biased nonsense. The rule clearly states that it's not the sound of the whistle that calls the play dead in a situation like that, but rather the referees intent to blow the whistle. Is this a stupid rule? Absolutely. Did the Wings or the referees tonight make up this rule? No, absolutely not. Blame the rule book. But just for fun, because you're under the impression that this rule was created for the Red Wings, take a look at this:

That's right, this rule was going against the Wings long before tonight, so please refrain from making silly, uniformed comments that have absolutely no basis in reality.

Before tonight, any Wings fan would have said the Predators were getting the calls in this series, but naturally, as a Predators fan, you'll disagree, right? More importantly, does any of this matter now? No, absolutely not. The games are over, the outcomes are final. Move on. Quit crying foul when every team in the NHL deals with the same things you're complaining about every single season.
I know it is a rule brain surgeon. That is clearly why i typed THE BS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. A ref losses sight because the puck is in the net????? That should be able to be replayed if the whistle is blown because sight of the puck was lost for that reason.
The refs have never been on the Preds side late in the 3rd period against the Wings. Prove me wrong.
The only bitter person is you the redwings fan on a preds board feeling the need to even say anything. Worry about your team hoss.

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