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Notes I made about Regier on WGR this evening are below. Some are my own thoughts, some are statements made by Regier:

-Roy is done as a Sabre. Certain of it after today. In roughly an hour of talking to Vogl and WGR, Regier didn't say his name once. Not one mention of a bounceback season. Nothing. Then, as discussed above, Regier talked about acquiring a center, preferably one with size, to play with Ennis and Hodgson, and seemingly purposely excluding Roy.

-Sulzer will likely be back. Said they talked in their meeting today about what great chemistry he had with Ehrhoff, and compared them to the Ennis-Stafford forward combo in terms of chemistry. If I were a betting man, I'd bet he's lined up opposite Ehrhoff on Opening Night.

-Regier said he's definitely interested in trading up in this draft. He also said he'd look into using the picks to improve the NHL roster. Nothing really unexpected in that answer.

-Regier thinks fewer players in this draft are NHL-ready compared to last year's draft. Considering only five players played more than 10 NHL games this year--RNH, Landeskog, Larsson, Couturier, and Shaw--it sounds like they think 2-3 guys could contribute next season.

-Said he wants to address the scoring issue, and left it at that.

-Regier said he regrets not doing anything during losing streak, but there was nothing tangible that he sees that he could've done to help the team get out of it. Called a trade for trade's sake "tension release," but suggested there wasn't anything worth it on the trade market. He opined that maybe they should've brought up Foligno sooner, but, again, there was nothing doing on the trade market.

-He said you could determine who the important players were by the team's record when those guys were in the lineup versus when they weren't. To me, that was a pretty obvious reference to Ehrhoff, Myers, and Ennis.

-Regier effectively confirmed the notion that there was jealousy in the room over some of the UFA contracts handed out last summer. He said the idea of rewarding certain players made some of the guys who'd been there for longer a bit jealous. Confirmed that some of the deals did not play well in the room.

-Re: Briere. Regier said the Sabres were not prepared to pay Briere what he could earn on the open market. When asked if he thought if Briere would've been retained if Pegula was the owner at that time, he pointed to last summer, cited Pegula's expenditure of resources, and desire to win, and more or less said "What do you think?" He clearly believes Briere would be in blue and gold if Pegula had owned the team in 2007. Eff you BTG and Larry Quinn. (But don't tell Bucky and Sully. That's Regier's fault, too, you know.)

That's what I gathered. He sounded more supportive of Miller in his evening chat than I thought he did in his morning chat with Vogl.

Guys under contract who I don't think should be buying green bananas:
-Derek Roy: See above.
-Mike Weber: Big praise for Ehrhoff and you can hear how highly they think of McNabb when Darcy talks about him. Not sure where he fits going forward.

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