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11-20-2003, 05:55 PM
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Magoo, a disgrace to the NHL.

The first period of the Cannucks/Hawks game is the worst officiated period I have ever seen... Ever.

On both sides.

The Cannucks got a horrible call, when Morrison pulls down Nichol on the PP and both go off.

A bad hawks against the Cannucks(the JovO hooking on Calder) gives the hawks a 5-3. Then a series of penalties including a horrible Xcheck on Allen, and just a pathetic Charging on T. Ruutu.

Top that off with J Ruutu taking an *enormous* dive, which then led to a legit penatly against the hawks with a high stick.

This is what happens when Ref's try to control a game. It is out of control because of make up calls- coupled with actual penalties on both sides.

I am a hawks fan, but I am trying to be fair here. Magoo and his Boy wonder side kick are the worst ref tandem I have ever seen(and that's saying something).

Magoo should not have a job. its that simple.

Nuck fans, I think you'd agree that the calls have been horrible to *BOTH* sides. Out of all those penalties only 3-4 were legit(and one was a delay of game that has to be called on Hedburg, and a High stick that has to be called on Poapst).

Just pathetic.


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