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Yanks, Giants, Rangers, Knicks. The bad thing about that because its such a big city and such a melting that its so hard to ever see the people united as one when it comes to cheering for one of their teams. I mean compare it to a place like Boston, where everyone is a Sox, Celtics, Pats and Bruins fan.

In NY...when the Yanks win, a portion of the city is pissed because they are Mets fans. When the Giants win, you have upset Jets fans. Not even taking into account fans of other teams that relocated to NY, yet still of course still support their team. Probably the closest you can come to seeing NY fully behind a team, is when the Rangers and Knicks are making a deep playoff run.

I also think fandom is less regional now due to technology. I mean I got into sports in the late 80s. Obviously long before being able to buy sports packages on cable or the internet in which you could watch every game played by any team no matter where in the country you are. No internet where you had access to team websites, other cities newspapers, message boards, Twitter etc. My exposure to sports was the Yanks, Knicks, Rangers on MSG and the Isles, Devils, Nets and Mets on Sportschannel. Of course, no NFL Sunday Ticket either so it was only Giants and Jets on TV every Sunday afternoon. So if I wanted to pick a team to follow, watch all their games, read about them etc. then my choices were the local teams.

Now if you have a kid who's getting into sports...his choices are endless. If for some reason he/she wants to be a Sharks fan even though they live in NY...they can. They can get Gamecenter live, or Center Ice and watch every game.

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