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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Rangers Yankees 49ers Knicks.

Thats my teams..

With that said, i watch every single minute of NY Rangers hockey. I watch maybe 30 yankees games a season and all the playoffs. ill watch the 49ers if they make the playoffs. I'd watch the Knicks if they made the finals.

frankly, it takes up too much time watching sports. not sure how some ppl here can watch every game for all 4 sports for the teams they follow...and some ppl even watch games for teams they dont follow. how do you people lol.
Hahaha I actually get this question asked alot because I'm such a huge sports fanatic. To be honest, I dont watch much TV outside of sports. I like movies, but I hate 99.9% of shows that are on TV. I mean I have a few shows here and there I watch (Family Guy, South Park, American Horror Story, true crime stuff i.e Dateline or 48 Hours), but not much else. When my co-workers discuss about all these shows they watch, 99.9% of the time I have no clue what they are talking about when they ask me about it. "Nope no idea what that is, I was watching games last night" is my usual response lol.

Almost all my friends are sports fans, so we plan hanging out around sports i.e going to games, going to a bar or someone's house to watch a game. I read stuff online about sports and read book about them. If I'm home, the TV is on and their is almost always a game or something involving sports on.

Its what I love...what else can I say. Because its a passion, I make time for it. Probably not a coincidence that I'm still single lol. My last GF made fun of me so much for it. Yet she'll turn around and watch all of those dumb reality shows that are on, so I made fun of her for that.

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