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Originally Posted by MAINE-IAC View Post
I am coming into Boston today around noontime. I usually park at oak grove and take the T in. I never have much trouble finding a parking space for a bruins game but today i am afraid it's going to a different story since its during peak work hours. Can someone give me another option in case the lots full. Can you park out on the street?
There are parking spots on the access road leading to Oak Grove, but they are not free. You have to pay $5.50 (same as if you parked in the parking lot), but its an honor-type system where there is a large receptacle where you put the money in the slot with your parking spot number on it. If they check the receptacle and there is no cash in the box with your number on it, they come and write you a ticket or tow you.

There is also a private parking lot across the small bridge but I do not think its monitored by an attendant (its a monthly pass sort of deal).

You could try Malden Center which is the next stop after Oak Grove, but you may have similar results.

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