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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
Could Met fans be Jet fans because the Jets played in Shea? Same thing with the Giants; they played in Yankee Stadium.
yes, but that was so long ago I dont really think it matters. For me it is Giants, Rangers, Mets. With the Giants being 1, Rangers 1a, and the Mets a very distant 3rd. My parents weren't into sports when I was a kid, so I was more influenced by my friends and some of the older kids in the neighborhood. One of the older kids whom I absolutely hated was a Yankees-Isles-C*wb*ys fan. This was early 80's and he jumped on the Isles bandwagon. So, I went against him. One of the older kids who was always really nice to me was Giants-Rangers as well, and I guess I kind of followed after him in that regard. My best friend as a little kid was a mets fan and his dad was a huge mets fan. He lived on a dead end street, so we would often play football, baseball, whatever in the street in front of his house. For day games, we would often stop playing and go into his house to watch the game with his dad. Another friend's dad was a Yankee fan and the Yankee fans would go into his house for the Yankee games. I was better friends with the Mets and liked his dad better, so would go in there and I guess that is how I got cursed into being a Mets fan.

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