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Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
Remember when Pronger elbowed McCammon during that final series against Annahiem, Ottawa seemed to lose any momentum after that & Pronger only received a one game suspension. McCammon was playing pretty good up to that point but never played another playoff game for the Sens.

It happens, players target other team's best players, with the money at stake today, future contracts for millions of dollars, people will do almost anything to win. There is a reason why Carkner only got a one game suspension & IMO would not have gotten anything if he would have stopped punching Boyle once he went down. He was protecting one of his teammates & I think Shannahan saw it as a hockey play, it was the accessive punching once Boyle went down that got him suspended.

The NHL does a very poor job of protecting it's players, while Pronger got only one game for a vicious elbow the penalty has now gone up to three games while the players concussed are out for the whole playoffs. A player who throws a vicious elbow to the head should be automatically thrown out for the whole playoffs too, that would stop head shots immediately. But they won't do that in case it's Crosby or Ovechkin throwing the elbow so it is up to the players to protect their teammates or get retrobution after they are blindsided or elbowed. Don't blame the players blame the league, they are the ones that put in the instigator rule.
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