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Originally Posted by oilsp1ll View Post
Did everybody already forget about Colton Gillies? He had an extremely similar scouting report and struggles to put up 10 pts in an entire season. Scouts fall in love with these toolsy guys. The offense has to be there at junior or it isn't going to be there at pro. If the hockey sense isn't there it's probably not developing overnight. Lucic is an abberation amongst abberations. I will stay far away from this prospect and play the odds, thank you very much.
First, Gillies was rushed by the Wild.

Second, we need to take chance on big junior power forwards. I know that there's not a lot of them that turn out to be top 6 power forward like Lucic, but the more you have in your system, the more you have chance to have one who develop like Lucic. The others that will not develop like Lucic will probably be solid physical bottom 6'er, exactly what you need in the playoffs.

So for the Leafs, if we draft Wilson, we'll have guy like Wilson, Ashton, Biggs, etc. that maybe have the chance to develop into that top 6 power forward that we need. If not, they will probably be solid physical bottom 6'er like I said.

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