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11-20-2003, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Time for me to vent.......

This is one of 2 f***ing Ranger games I get to see all year, being that I am now enrolled in the wonderfull University of Colorado, and what a damn disgrace. I have listened to every single game over the radio thus far and I actually had high expectations of this team, seeing as how their record is decent and the FAN announcer talks them up. I came into this game thinking that the guys on this board were just whining and complaining and nitpicking and not giving the team credit, but WOW THIS TEAM DOES SUCK. HMMM, suprise that Malakhov and Mironov were on the ice for those brilliant Avs goals. They cant put their stick down to stop a pass across the ice. Oh yea, great penalty Mironov, really neccessary. Go back to Russia. Im sick and tired of these creative little Euro's and Russians like Kovalev, Mironov, Malakhov, hell even Nedved and Hlavac from the CR who just dissappear on the ice and are such a liability. It's like if they cant score then they are just hurting your team. Hell, dont even mention the words hitting or grinding. Get me some big brash Canadians and Americans who can actually use their head and heart out their and use their muscle to force their game onto opponents. Notice how the Avs guys like Konowalchuk, Hinote, McCormick and company dont have that euro skill but seem to be twice as effective. Oh yea, and why is LaBarbera playing? Another thing, is it just me or does it seem like the Rangers are more concerned with generating the short handed offense on the penalty kill then actually stopping the other team from scoring?

The Denver announcers are just ripping the Rangers apart, and rightfully so, aside from the fact that they are all over Messier's jock. They talked up Dominic Moore and said he will be a huge part of the future of this organization, and then mentioned how the Rangers wont even give him a chance. They are talking about how the Ranger's go in streaks where they arent playing well and then they just feel sorry for themselves and get smoked even worse. It seems like they enjoy pointing out the circus-like antics of this team.

I'll write more as the anger fuels me.

i agree with evrything but why labarbera, mussi wife had a kid and dunham not available! only in emergency! yes this team is a total joke!

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