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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Interesting, I'll bookmark that for later. I read through a lot of his pieces on whatever his hockey website is and found a few that had some circuits on them.

So in your view, if you had to design a general conditioning program for a recreational athlete, would you switch between traditional weightlifting and unilateral every few months? Or try and work the two together (say same workout or alternating workouts)?

I've always had issues trying to find an in-season workout program and that's something I'm after. Not needing a squat rack would be a plus considering I might be in an apartment for a couple years until I can find a house. Single-leg dumbbell work, front squat cleans, deadlifts, trap bar, that kind of stuff. Putting it all together is just a mental nightmare though.
You can use the SS rep scheme with any exercises. Some might not agree, but it will work. Obviously some exercises will stall before others. I think the trap bar is a great idea if you don't have access to a rack. Despite what some people say, you can use barbell movements for conditioning. Crossfit workouts are great for this. With some modifications, it makes an excellent conditioning program in itself. For instance, Crossfit Football is pretty decent. It is a combination of Rippetoe inspired strength program combined with conditioning workouts.

What you use entirely depends on circumstance. Optimally, it would be something like what I posted earlier with 3-5 conditioning segments. Obviously, that doesnt work for everyone.

Here is a complete week you can do without a squat rack:

10-15 minutes jogging
3 rounds
30 second plank hold
10 broad jumps
30 second hollow hold
10 spider lunges
Static Stretching for the quad/chest

Strength A
Squat Clean 3by5 (Since you wont be able to front squat what you can't clean anyways. Work on your front squat before you have to get rid of your rack)
Bench press 3by5
Good Morning 3 by 8

5 rounds:
8 single leg squats (each leg)
24 laundry jumps (each contact counts as a rep)
72 single skips

Day 2:
8-12 minutes progressively faster skipping
Tabata Sit Ups 4 rounds
Box Jumps for height
Tabata hollow rocks 4 rounds
Static Stretching for Shoulder

Strength B
Overhead Squat 3 sets of 5 (Will be much lighter than your power clean. So you won't be exhausting the clean).
Press 3 sets of 5
Trap Bar deadlift 1x5

5 rounds of
As many as possible narrow pushups (heart to hearts or whatever they are called in your region)
As many as possible pull ups
As many as possibly (Ring) dips

Day 3:
10-15 minutes jogging
As many rounds through as possible (focusing on perfect form) in 8 minutes
24 Russian twists with homemade medicine ball
24 Reverse Lunges
30 second static stretch for hamstring

Strength A
Squat Clean 3x5
Bench Press 3x5
Good Morning 3x8

For Time: 5 rounds
32 Lunge Jumps
800m run

Next week switch all the conditioning and warm up to different exercises and flip the workouts like SS. Week 1 Strength = A B A ,. Week 2 B A B. When an exercise stalls, replace it. Press will stall, switch to a push press or jerk. Bench press, switch to narrow grip. Squat Clean, switch to single leg (but make sure it 10 reps). Trap bar, switch to sumo style. Good mornings can be switched to snatch pulls.

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