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04-18-2012, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by mug25 View Post
Tried them on last night....these things are freaking LIGHT! I currently skate in the RBK 9K's and I considered those "light" but the NXG feels like it's 20-30% lighter.

Super stiff boot too...cant imagine how nice they'd feel once baked.

Anyone else considering them?
Honestly I like the ONE.9 better. I'm not a fan of the tongue on the NXG, or even Total One. But that could be because I'm an ol'school kinda of guy and like a traditional felt tongue. I wear my tongue on the outside and like it to have a little bit of flop and the NXG is a shaped/form fitting type tongue (with that adj. lace bite bar) which I've always hated. There really isn't a huge difference between the ONE.9 and the NXG's (Boot physical construction is the same) and for the extra $150 its just not worth it. Plus the lining on the NXG while comfortable looking, it doesn't look to be as durable as the ONE.9.

Just my 2cents.

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