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04-18-2012, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
All of the Chicago talk makes we want to go to Luke's in Tucson and get the 2 Chicago Dogs with Fries special or maybe the Italian Beef Sandwich for that matter.

Glad to see Nashy is handling this like a champ and hopefully the police arrest the ******** responsible.
Hmmmm... that the same Luke's owner as the one at 16th St & Indian School? because they have the same items on the menu & the Chicago Dog is bonafide Vienna... I love the Italian Beef with the sweet peppers and extra gravy on the side.... some days I splurge & get one of those and the dog&fries to have something for a 4 o'clock leftovers snack...

and I grew up in Chicago, southside. Sox & Hawks ruled, Cubs sucked. Been in Phx since '78, so I've lived here longer than I lived there, but Chicago was my home. And there are buttheads everywhere you go - find a burg with more than 30 people in it, you're gonna find buttheads.

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